Bail Me Out!

I was put in jail today. Let me start at the beginning… It didn’t go well from the very beginning, as I helped Rhys into the car for our weekly shopping trip. “Here’s the shopping list” I said, handing him his list of pictures in the same way I do every week. But he hadContinue reading “Bail Me Out!”

Mum Is A Super Hero!

A mum casually gets out of the car at the supermarket and lifts her two year old son into the trolley. The little baby is fast asleep as he is lowered into the trolley still in his car seat. They enter the supermarket casually, the two year old clutching his soft toy cat and pointingContinue reading “Mum Is A Super Hero!”

A List of Battered Items!

Its busy. There are people! Which in these viral times can make things a little hairy! But I am winging it, I have a plan, which most probably will fizzle into a complete disaster within seconds – but it is always good to try. “Rhys, shopping list” I say, handing him the laminated card whichContinue reading “A List of Battered Items!”

🛒Booster Seat🚗

“Rhys, shoes then shopping”I use his name first to trigger his attention and then purposely provide the sequence of events in the order they will occur.Rhys comes towards me, “Shoes” he repeats, showing understanding of the request. He sits on the bottom step of the stairs as I place each shoe on his foot andContinue reading “🛒Booster Seat🚗”