Social Stories

Social Stories

What is it? A social story is a method of communication with the use of images to describe a given situation or concept. The message is communicated as a story with a clear message.

How to use it?

  1. Identify a concept or situation you need to communicate.
  2. Find some pictures or even a pre-created social story on-line. There are many available around ‘Going to the Toilet’ or ‘Washing your hands’. Or create your own social story including pictures of your child’s favourite subject, e.g. dinosaurs, numbers, etc
  3. Social stories don’t always have to be sequential images of a process. If you child is young and unable to sit or process a complex set of images, try these other options:
    1. A story describing the event, e.g. Peppa’s visit to the dentist, or Hey Duggee’s tidy up badge.
    2. Find a video on YouTube and play it in the background on repeat, e.g. a child riding their balance bike, a day at the beach, etc
    3. Act out a story with their favourite teddy or group of toys.
  4. Constantly communicate the social story, either by putting the paper images in the location of the activity (e.g. bathroom for washing hands), or spend a lot of time playing the video in your child’s environment (e.g. riding a bike, to get them aware and use to the concept)

Taking it forward

Integrate all the resources available to communicate a concept. Use images, video and sequences.

The aim is to help your child understand a concept or social way of acting.

Use your child’s interests, and your creativity.

Perseverance and repetition ensures understanding.

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