We Are All A Little Autistic!

“We are all on the spectrum”“We are all a little autistic”“I get scared in strange places too”“I am not really a social person” I have so much to say when I hear those words. I have so much to share and explain. I have so much awareness to raise on a condition that is partContinue reading “We Are All A Little Autistic!”

When Simple is Hard

“You get the coats, boots and hats ready, and I will do the toilet trips” I said. It was the standard pre-walk preparation we executed every week. As we all bustled in the small cramped hallway at the bottom of the stairs, with coats consuming arms and hats bobbing up and down as the pompomsContinue reading “When Simple is Hard”

A Mucus Worth a Second Look!

“He’s been sick!” came a scream from the hallway, “OMG! Come help it is everywhere!” I jump up and run out of the lounge where I am greeted with my husband and a headless Rhys.“It’s all over his hoody, help me get it off!” The top has got wedged on Rhys’ head, the hood partContinue reading “A Mucus Worth a Second Look!”

‘Twas the Night Before a Different Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the housea creature was stirring, a lot louder than a mouse.The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,But instantly pulled down, cause they don’t belong there! Other’s children were nestled, all snug in their bed,while mine had numbers and overload consuming his head.And Mama was tiredContinue reading “‘Twas the Night Before a Different Christmas”

Cut the Plug!

In the 90s me and my sister watched a lot of telly. To the point my father rummaged in his toolbox and with a pair of electrical cutters, cut off the plug. It definitely stopped our television obsession, for a couple of days at least. But all children learn from their parents actions, and weContinue reading “Cut the Plug!”


The tree got the brunt of it! Unfortunately it was one of those scenarios where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t do anything, except stand upright in his normal way and sparkle and shine his decorations. It was just bad luck that one second he was upright and theContinue reading “Timber!”

A Song and Dance with Santa!

We stand in a large room, the Christmas tunes are ringing out of a speaker in the corner. Rhys was happy to enter the building, and seems calm, but still clutches his ears with his hands, slightly anxious. Santa visits are never on the agenda for our little boy. The lights and loud jingles, followedContinue reading “A Song and Dance with Santa!”

Planning for Success

Twelve little picture cards are placed sequentially down the wall. Each one in the green coloured section showing that they are still to happen. I remember the process we went through to get to the full list of the day’s events. Initially I had placed them all on the wall and somehow expected Rhys toContinue reading “Planning for Success”

Planning with Blue!

I sit down with my phone and Google the forest area we plan to visit. There are some lovely photos of the area, but I am looking for a specific one. It doesn’t need to be pretty or taken in the perfect light for submission for an annual photo award, but it does need toContinue reading “Planning with Blue!”

Dressing it Down!

Tomorrow when you drop your child off at school, dressed in their something spotty for BBC Children in Need, there may be a child in line, in their school uniform. Naturally we think about the parents. How they have forgotten or sadly, in some cases, just do not care. I hold my hand up asContinue reading “Dressing it Down!”