7 Tips for a Perfect World Book Day

📚 World book Day 📚A day to celebrate the joy of reading and to encourage our younger generation to explore hidden magical lands, discovering tales of adventure and courage. Thursday will see some amazing costumes, from the extraordinary ten pound ready-made costume from Amazon, to the parent who has delicately crafted a costume from scratchContinue reading “7 Tips for a Perfect World Book Day”

The Communication Pyramid

The one question that parents, with non-verbal children, always ask other parents is, “When did your child start to talk?” I asked this question hundreds of times, to parents in my social circle, to professionals and in user community forums. Each time, I got a range of answers:“Lots of children have speach delays”“His older brotherContinue reading “The Communication Pyramid”

Changing It Up!

I lay out the word puzzles all in a row. The same way I always lay them out. The little wooden letters are scattered underneath, each letter face up, in the way it should be. “Rhys, word puzzles” I say, and with luck he is next to me willing to participate. It took me agesContinue reading “Changing It Up!”

10 Ways I Got My Son To Communicate

When everyone’s children are conversing and talking in sentences, it is extremely disheartening to watch your child sit silent and not utter a sound. I have been in the situation of my son not talking. Not saying his first word until he was four, a developmental milestone that other children make at around a yearContinue reading “10 Ways I Got My Son To Communicate”

A List of Battered Items!

Its busy. There are people! Which in these viral times can make things a little hairy! But I am winging it, I have a plan, which most probably will fizzle into a complete disaster within seconds – but it is always good to try. “Rhys, shopping list” I say, handing him the laminated card whichContinue reading “A List of Battered Items!”

Counting to Speak

When your child doesn’t speak, all you dream of is to hear their voice. To listen to what they have to say. To have them answer a question you so desperately want to ask. When Rhys was three he had ten words. Those words were one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine andContinue reading “Counting to Speak”

Makaton: Good Morning

The pain and illness that has consumed our house for the last forty-eight hours has passed. After a good night’s sleep, I stretch my arms upwards and breathe in the new day. I pick up my phone and focus on a new goal. At Rhys’ annual review a few days ago, we discussed the useContinue reading “Makaton: Good Morning”

Top Tips For Toilet Training

Getting your child toilet trained is one of the hardest tasks for any parent, but when your child is autisitc and non-verbal, it provides even greater challenges. But it can be done, you just need to gather a lot of patience, a support network and realise you are in it for the long haul. HereContinue reading “Top Tips For Toilet Training”

Bikes Are Not Just For Riding!

Rhys sat on the floor, his balance bike in front of him, on its side, the wheels spinning. I looked at the bike, with an image in my mind, of him sitting on the seat, his legs pushing off the ground as he glided down the small path at the top of our road. AnContinue reading “Bikes Are Not Just For Riding!”

Planning for Success

Twelve little picture cards are placed sequentially down the wall. Each one in the green coloured section showing that they are still to happen. I remember the process we went through to get to the full list of the day’s events. Initially I had placed them all on the wall and somehow expected Rhys toContinue reading “Planning for Success”