Key to the City!

After the day I had today, I am officially getting the key to the City. A blue key that will open doors for us. Literally! We are in tier 4, also known as, absolutely-no-where-to-go zone. We had to get out, so realising that every park was going to be heaving I just said “stuff it”,Continue reading “Key to the City!”

The Big Eat Out!

“Shall we get some food?” asked my husband as we walked out of a successful bowling family outing. We were all on a bit of a high from a family activity that had gone to plan. I looked up to see what he was referring to and saw a burger restaurant was in front ofContinue reading “The Big Eat Out!”

A Bowling Strategy!

“Rhys, what colour?” I ask. “Red” he replies, and I help him hand-over-hand to lift the red bowling ball from the rack. We lift it together onto the guide, and after a joint chant of “Ready, steady, go” Rhys pushes the ball forward. It makes a perfect direct line forward to the central pin securingContinue reading “A Bowling Strategy!”