Bail Me Out!

I was put in jail today. Let me start at the beginning… It didn’t go well from the very beginning, as I helped Rhys into the car for our weekly shopping trip. “Here’s the shopping list” I said, handing him his list of pictures in the same way I do every week. But he hadContinue reading “Bail Me Out!”

A Mucus Worth a Second Look!

“He’s been sick!” came a scream from the hallway, “OMG! Come help it is everywhere!” I jump up and run out of the lounge where I am greeted with my husband and a headless Rhys.“It’s all over his hoody, help me get it off!” The top has got wedged on Rhys’ head, the hood partContinue reading “A Mucus Worth a Second Look!”

A List of Battered Items!

Its busy. There are people! Which in these viral times can make things a little hairy! But I am winging it, I have a plan, which most probably will fizzle into a complete disaster within seconds – but it is always good to try. “Rhys, shopping list” I say, handing him the laminated card whichContinue reading “A List of Battered Items!”

‘Twas the Night Before a Different Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the housea creature was stirring, a lot louder than a mouse.The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,But instantly pulled down, cause they don’t belong there! Other’s children were nestled, all snug in their bed,while mine had numbers and overload consuming his head.And Mama was tiredContinue reading “‘Twas the Night Before a Different Christmas”

Move Over Mr Blumenthal!

The chore that every parent undertakes daily – the timely execution of the evening meal. Bring it on! It always starts with excitement and the feeling of pride. The dream of it only taking fifteen minutes, in line with Jamie’s expectations, but really ending up with a few f’ing hells and fist throwing, in lineContinue reading “Move Over Mr Blumenthal!”