What is it? Using pictures to communicate a sequence of events occurring during the day.

How to use it?

  1. Start with the First-Then strategy and ensure that you and your child are comfortable with the method and moving between activities with the use of pictures.
  2. Create a schedule card with green and red card, and Velcro stripes to attach your activity cards.
  3. Secure your pictures to the card with the Velcro in the order of their occurrence.
  4. Once your child is comfortable with two pictures, add a third.
  5. Continue to build up the number of activities on the portable schedule.
  6. Using the portable schedule, help your child move the activity from the green section to the red section, once it is completed.
  7. Once comfortable with the strategy and your child is moving the pictures, place the schedule in a central location and take your child to the schedule to move the pictures.

Taking it forward

Continue to take your child to the schedule, revising the schedule to reflect the days events. Over time your child will know where to look to understand the day’s plan.

Keep your spare activity cards in a pouch by the schedule or use a spare card to secure them to the wall for use on the days they are needed.

There are some good resources on Twinkl with schedule cards that can be downloaded and printed.

Amazon has some ready made schedule cards to get you started.

Read about this strategy in action in Planning for Success.

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