Planning with Blue!

I sit down with my phone and Google the forest area we plan to visit. There are some lovely photos of the area, but I am looking for a specific one. It doesn’t need to be pretty or taken in the perfect light for submission for an annual photo award, but it does need toContinue reading “Planning with Blue!”

Dressing it Down!

Tomorrow when you drop your child off at school, dressed in their something spotty for BBC Children in Need, there may be a child in line, in their school uniform. Naturally we think about the parents. How they have forgotten or sadly, in some cases, just do not care. I hold my hand up asContinue reading “Dressing it Down!”

A Disgraceful Return!

I look out the window and see a black car pull into the driveway. Getting up, I walk to the front door and open it to welcome my son home from school. His driver opens the back door and two dark green wellies climb out of the car. His trousers are tucked inside protecting theContinue reading “A Disgraceful Return!”