We Are All A Little Autistic!

“We are all on the spectrum”“We are all a little autistic”“I get scared in strange places too”“I am not really a social person” I have so much to say when I hear those words. I have so much to share and explain. I have so much awareness to raise on a condition that is partContinue reading “We Are All A Little Autistic!”

A New Place To Sleep

I hear a sound through the darkness. It is quiet at first, then the noise gets a bit louder. I lie still as a rock, not wanting to give away my awake status to the occupant sharing my slumber zone.If I just stay still and pretend I am in some sort of deep sleep –Continue reading “A New Place To Sleep”

The 5am Lie In

I remember sitting in a horseshoe of chairs at our first National Autistic Society Early Bird course. It was the introductory session and we were going around the room giving an insight into each of our children. Questions were asked to each couple in turn, with each question starting with someone different each time toContinue reading “The 5am Lie In”

‘Twas the Night Before a Different Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the housea creature was stirring, a lot louder than a mouse.The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,But instantly pulled down, cause they don’t belong there! Other’s children were nestled, all snug in their bed,while mine had numbers and overload consuming his head.And Mama was tiredContinue reading “‘Twas the Night Before a Different Christmas”

A Cage Fighter or Just a Little Boy?

We are at that stage in my son’s life. That phase where he looks more like a cage fighter than my little blonde haired cutie. He parts his lips to smile at me, but I am met with a gappy mouth. The loss of his top and bottom two teeth in the space of twoContinue reading “A Cage Fighter or Just a Little Boy?”

The Club of 3am!

Being an official member of the 3am club, I want to introduce you to the top 20 realisations of getting up before the sun. You begin to ponder whether 3am is actually the middle of the night or just very early morning! Telling your son it is still “bedtime” is just a waste of energy,Continue reading “The Club of 3am!”