Spinning to Success!

At Rhys’ three year developmental check, the health visitor sat with an assortment of toys and papers in front of her.“Rhys, can you stack the blocks?” she asked, placing three inch square blocks in front of him. Rhys paid no attention to the lady and casually placed one block on top of the next withContinue reading “Spinning to Success!”

A Mucus Worth a Second Look!

“He’s been sick!” came a scream from the hallway, “OMG! Come help it is everywhere!” I jump up and run out of the lounge where I am greeted with my husband and a headless Rhys.“It’s all over his hoody, help me get it off!” The top has got wedged on Rhys’ head, the hood partContinue reading “A Mucus Worth a Second Look!”

Discipline equals Freedom!

A lot of people will frown on my version of parenting. The version where the mantra “Discipline equals freedom” can be heard being chanted through the hallways. Along with questions of “Do you believe you earned it?” and “What do you think?” Questions I direct at my child, instead of imposing my views on them.Continue reading “Discipline equals Freedom!”

Changing It Up!

I lay out the word puzzles all in a row. The same way I always lay them out. The little wooden letters are scattered underneath, each letter face up, in the way it should be. “Rhys, word puzzles” I say, and with luck he is next to me willing to participate. It took me agesContinue reading “Changing It Up!”

Cakes Have Eggs!

‘Make salt dough decorations. Paint them and share a photo’ That was the home-schooling work for today! I was full on dedicated to the task. I don’t think Rhys was as enthusiastic! I measure out the ingredients – salt, flour and water. Placing them in separate containers ready for my little learner to pour themContinue reading “Cakes Have Eggs!”