The tree got the brunt of it! Unfortunately it was one of those scenarios where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t do anything, except stand upright in his normal way and sparkle and shine his decorations. It was just bad luck that one second he was upright and theContinue reading “Timber!”

A Song and Dance with Santa!

We stand in a large room, the Christmas tunes are ringing out of a speaker in the corner. Rhys was happy to enter the building, and seems calm, but still clutches his ears with his hands, slightly anxious. Santa visits are never on the agenda for our little boy. The lights and loud jingles, followedContinue reading “A Song and Dance with Santa!”

A Pain That Cannot Be Communicated!

I remember a little girl looking up at her mum with sad eyes and saying, “Mummy, I have a headache in my tummy” her hands hugging her belly in pain. She didn’t have the words or knowledge to express her pain, so she did it in the only way she knew how. Fifteen years ago,Continue reading “A Pain That Cannot Be Communicated!”

A Cage Fighter or Just a Little Boy?

We are at that stage in my son’s life. That phase where he looks more like a cage fighter than my little blonde haired cutie. He parts his lips to smile at me, but I am met with a gappy mouth. The loss of his top and bottom two teeth in the space of twoContinue reading “A Cage Fighter or Just a Little Boy?”

Move Over Mr Blumenthal!

The chore that every parent undertakes daily – the timely execution of the evening meal. Bring it on! It always starts with excitement and the feeling of pride. The dream of it only taking fifteen minutes, in line with Jamie’s expectations, but really ending up with a few f’ing hells and fist throwing, in lineContinue reading “Move Over Mr Blumenthal!”

The Club of 3am!

Being an official member of the 3am club, I want to introduce you to the top 20 realisations of getting up before the sun. You begin to ponder whether 3am is actually the middle of the night or just very early morning! Telling your son it is still “bedtime” is just a waste of energy,Continue reading “The Club of 3am!”

The Silent Mattress

Umizumi is playing on the telly, with Bot displaying the task on his belly while Geo and Milli threw around some shapes and patterns to solve the problem at hand. I leave Rhys and his sister to the entertainment, their big eyes pulling in the light from the digital display. As I get on withContinue reading “The Silent Mattress”