My perfect boy in an imperfect world ❤️

Guest Post by Lauren Morfett

Everyday I ask myself was I the best mum I could be today
Did I help you learn what you needed to through play,
If you could tell me would you say that I could of done more, 
I do try to play with you but sometimes you just want to keep lining your toys on the floor. 
It kills me that you get so angry and upset,
I know I haven’t got it all figured out yet, 
I would love to be able to see the world through your eyes, 
To know what is hurting when I can’t stop your cries.
Sometimes I grieve for the things you will not do,
Even though I would never change one thing about you, 
It just makes me sad to see you struggle and regress,
I feel like my heart is being ripped in two whenever you are in distress. 
I love watching you jumping and spinning around,
I love that even with no words your voice is my favourite sound,
Your such a happy boy who deserves the best,
Your a star Isaac who shines so much brighter than all the rest. 
I hope you know that even when I am tired and stressed, 
The day you were born we were truly blessed,
Tonight I will wrap my arms around you baby and just hold you tight, 
There’s always tomorrow for me to get it right ❤️

Lauren Morfett is a mum of two learning every day about the beauty of autism. Isaac is 4 years old and an amazing kid who has taught her more about this world than anyone she knows. It can be hard and it can be a struggle but when he smiles everything is worth it ❤️

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