The Silent Mattress

Umizumi is playing on the telly, with Bot displaying the task on his belly while Geo and Milli threw around some shapes and patterns to solve the problem at hand. I leave Rhys and his sister to the entertainment, their big eyes pulling in the light from the digital display.

As I get on with my house chores, I pause and listen. That tranquil sound we hardly ever hear, but is the top of the Christmas list, emanates through the house – the sound of silence! I continue to tidy the kitchen, but that feeling of concern, over too much silence, suddenly engulfs me. I put down the dishcloth and go back into the lounge to check on the situation.

As I walk into the room, Rhys is not in my line of sight, but turning around towards my daughter, I see her sitting still on the couch. She looks up to me “I’m stuck Mummy” she says, and I smile at the scene in front of me.

Rhys, too exhausted to continue, has passed out, across his sister’s lap. A comfortable spot in his opinion, but a slight bit of inconvenience for his newly found mattress!
“Dont worry Jessie” I say, and lift Rhys from her lap.
“I was looking after him” she says, her big brown eyes looking up at her brother now passed out over my shoulder. “He wanted to sleep on me”

With her pure little heart watching out for her brother, she curls her legs back up under her body and turns back to her tv show, content that her duty is done.

We have to all look out for each other even if it is just giving your lap up for a sleepy head! Engagement and bonding comes in many different ways and sizes.

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