Red Card Day

Today we show racism the red card!

There is no reason to mis-treat or discriminate anyone due to their race or colour of their skin. We are all humans, share the same planet and breathe the same air.

You may wonder why this photo shows my three kids in red but Rhys with a green shirt? There is a reason.

Autism means any change in routine can result in confusion and a melt down. On days like today, where the school uniform is ditched for a good cause, it plays havoc with our standard routine. Without his uniform, Rhys thinks it is the weekend. This leads to confusion and major upset when he is taken out the door to school.

It was so difficult and upsetting, for such a minor change in a day to result in trauma and anxiety. In the past, I would just send him into school in his uniform. He didnt care. But I felt like the mum who had forgotten about dress down, even though what I had done was a lot more than “forget”.

I then had an idea🤔. The next dressdown day I laid out Rhys’ dressdown clothes with his school tshirt at the end. I helped him put his school tshirt over the top of his clothes. He saw the what he was wearing and immediately knew it was a school day!

At the last moment, I pulled off the school tshirt, put on his coat and send him out the door.

I have done this every school dress down day since…..and it has worked. Rhys can now support every worthy cause by handing in his coin and being dressed down like, everyone else. It is one less difference for Rhys to deal with due to his Autism!
Everyone’s a winner 😁

#showracisimtheredcard #autism #thinkingoutsidethebox #strategies #youcandoit

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